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European Social Charter (Revised) [ETS No. 163]

Treaty Type:  Multilateral

Depository:  Council of Europe

Place Of Signature:  Strasbourg

Date Of Signature:  03-May-1996

Publication Records

Participant Status

CountryAction Action DateEffective Date
ALBANIA Signature 21-Sep-1998
ALBANIA Ratification 14-Nov-2002 01-Jan-2003
ANDORRA Signature 04-Nov-2000 01-Jul-1999
ANDORRA Declaration 04-Nov-2000
ANDORRA Ratification 12-Nov-2004 01-Jan-2005
ARMENIA Signature 18-Oct-2001
ARMENIA Ratification 21-Jan-2004 01-Jan-1900
ARMENIA Declaration 21-Jan-2004 01-Jan-1900
AUSTRIA Signature 07-May-1999
AUSTRIA Ratification 20-May-2011 01-Jul-2011
AUSTRIA Declaration 20-May-2011
AZERBAIJAN Signature 18-Oct-2001
AZERBAIJAN Reservation 02-Sep-2004 01-Nov-2004
BELGIUM Signature 03-May-1996
BELGIUM Ratification 02-Mar-2004 01-May-2004
BELGIUM Declaration 02-Mar-2004 01-Jan-1900
BELGIUM Declaration 10-Jun-2015 01-Aug-2015
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Signature 11-May-2004
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Ratification 07-Oct-2008 01-Dec-2008
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Declaration 07-Oct-2008 01-Dec-2008
BULGARIA Signature 21-Sep-1998
BULGARIA Ratification 07-Jun-2000 01-Aug-2000
BULGARIA Reservation 07-Jun-2000
BULGARIA Declaration 01-Apr-2007
CROATIA Acceptance 26-Feb-2003 01-Apr-2003
CROATIA Signature 06-Nov-2009
CYPRUS Signature 03-May-1996
CYPRUS Declaration 01-Dec-2011
CZECH REPUBLIC Signature 04-Nov-2000 01-Jul-1999
DENMARK Signature 03-May-1996
DENMARK Reservation 03-May-1996
ESTONIA Signature 04-May-1998
ESTONIA Ratification 11-Sep-2000 01-Nov-2000
ESTONIA Declaration 11-Sep-2000
ESTONIA Declaration 06-Jul-2012 01-Sep-2012
FINLAND Signature 03-May-1996
FINLAND Declaration 03-May-2002
FINLAND Acceptance 21-Jun-2002 01-Jul-2002
FRANCE Signature 03-May-1996
FRANCE Approval 07-May-1999 01-Jul-1999
GEORGIA Signature 30-Jun-2000
GEORGIA Ratification 22-Aug-2005 01-Oct-2005
GEORGIA Declaration 22-Sep-2005
GREECE Signature 03-May-1996
HUNGARY Signature 07-Oct-2004 01-Jan-1900
HUNGARY Ratification 20-Apr-2009 01-Jun-2009
HUNGARY Declaration 20-Apr-2009
HUNGARY Communication 26-May-2011
ICELAND Signature 04-Nov-1998
IRELAND, REPUBLIC OF Signature 04-Nov-2000
IRELAND, REPUBLIC OF Ratification 04-Nov-2000
IRELAND, REPUBLIC OF Declaration 04-Nov-2000
ITALY Signature 03-May-1996
ITALY Ratification 05-Jul-1999 01-Sep-1999
ITALY Declaration 05-Jul-1999
LATVIA Signature 29-May-2007
LITHUANIA Signature 08-Sep-1997
LITHUANIA Ratification 29-Jun-2001 01-Aug-2001
LITHUANIA Declaration 29-Jun-2001
LUXEMBOURG Signature 11-Feb-1998
MACEDONIA THE FYR OF Signature 27-May-2009
MALTA Signature 27-Jul-2005 01-Nov-2005
MALTA Ratification 27-Jul-2005 01-Nov-2005
MALTA Declaration 27-Jul-2005
MOLDOVA REPUBLIC OF Signature 03-Nov-1998
MOLDOVA REPUBLIC OF Ratification 08-Nov-2001 01-Jan-2002
MONACO Signature 05-Oct-2004 01-Jan-1900
MONTENEGRO Ratification 03-Mar-2010 01-May-2010
NETHERLANDS THE Acceptance 03-May-2006 01-Jul-2006
NETHERLANDS THE Declaration 03-May-2006
NORWAY Signature 07-May-2001
NORWAY Ratification 07-May-2001 01-Jul-2001
NORWAY Declaration 07-May-2001
NORWAY Declaration 11-Jan-2005 01-Mar-2005
POLAND Signature 25-Oct-2005
PORTUGAL Signature 03-May-1996
PORTUGAL Ratification 30-May-2002 01-Jul-2002
PORTUGAL Declaration 30-May-2002
ROMANIA Signature 14-May-1997
ROMANIA Ratification 07-May-1999 01-Jul-1999
ROMANIA Declaration 07-May-1999
ROMANIA Declaration 05-May-2004 01-Jan-1900
RUSSIA Signature 14-Sep-2000
RUSSIA Ratification 16-Oct-2009 01-Dec-2009
RUSSIA Reservation 16-Oct-2009 01-Dec-2009
SAN MARINO Signature 18-Oct-2001
SERBIA Ratification 14-Sep-2009 01-Nov-2009
SERBIA Declaration 14-Sep-2009 01-Nov-2009
SLOVAKIA Ratification 23-Apr-2009 01-Jun-2009
SLOVAKIA Declaration 23-Apr-2009
SLOVENIA Signature 11-Oct-1997
SLOVENIA Ratification 07-May-1999 01-Jul-1999
SLOVENIA Declaration 07-May-1999
SPAIN Accession 23-Oct-2000
SWEDEN Signature 03-May-1996
SWEDEN Ratification 29-May-1998 01-Jul-1999
SWEDEN Declaration 29-May-1998
TURKEY Signature 06-Oct-2004 01-Jan-1900
TURKEY Ratification 27-Jun-2007 01-Aug-2007
UKRAINE Signature 07-May-1999
UKRAINE Ratification 21-Dec-2006 01-Feb-2007
UKRAINE Declaration 21-Dec-2006
UNITED KINGDOM Signature 07-Nov-1997

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