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Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

Treaty Type:  Multilateral

Depository:  United Nations (UN)

Place Of Signature:  New York

Date Of Signature:  04-Feb-1985

Publication Records

  • PRO (now TNA) FO 949/527/0: 0
  • UN Registration /0: 0
  • Miscellaneous Series 012/1985: Cmnd9593
  • Treaty Series 051/2004: Cm6564

Participant Status

CountryAction Action DateEffective Date
AFGHANISTAN Signature 04-Feb-1985
AFGHANISTAN Ratification 01-Apr-1987 26-Jun-1987
AFGHANISTAN Reservation 01-Apr-1987
AFGHANISTAN Objection 23-Jun-2011
ALBANIA Accession 11-May-1994 10-Jun-1994
ALGERIA Signature 26-Nov-1985
ALGERIA Ratification 12-Sep-1989 12-Oct-1989
ALGERIA Declaration 12-Sep-1989
ANDORRA Signature 05-Aug-2002
ANDORRA Ratification 22-Sep-2006 22-Oct-2006
ANDORRA Declaration 22-Nov-2006
ANGOLA Signature 24-Sep-2013
Anguilla Extension 08-Dec-1988
ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA Accession 19-Jul-1993 18-Aug-1993
ARGENTINA Signature 04-Feb-1985
ARGENTINA Ratification 24-Sep-1986 26-Jun-1987
ARGENTINA Declaration 24-Sep-1986
ARGENTINA Objection 14-Apr-1989
ARGENTINA Declaration 17-Apr-1991
ARMENIA Accession 13-Sep-1993 13-Oct-1993
Aruba Extension 21-Dec-1988
AUSTRALIA Signature 10-Dec-1985
AUSTRALIA Ratification 08-Aug-1989 07-Sep-1989
AUSTRALIA Objection 08-Aug-1989
AUSTRALIA Objection 07-Nov-1989
AUSTRALIA Declaration 28-Jan-1993
AUSTRALIA Objection 28-Jun-2011
AUSTRIA Signature 14-Mar-1985
AUSTRIA Ratification 29-Jul-1987 28-Aug-1987
AUSTRIA Declaration 29-Jul-1987
AUSTRIA Objection 29-Sep-1988
AUSTRIA Objection 09-Nov-1989
AUSTRIA Objection 24-Jun-2011
AUSTRIA Objection 31-Jan-2013
AUSTRIA Objection 23-Sep-2013
AZERBAIJAN Accession 16-Aug-1996
AZERBAIJAN Declaration 04-Feb-2002
BAHAMAS Signature 16-Dec-2008
BAHRAIN Accession 06-Mar-1998 05-Apr-1998
BAHRAIN Reservation 06-Mar-1998
BAHRAIN Withdrawal Res. 04-Aug-1999
BANGLADESH Accession 05-Oct-1998 04-Nov-1998
BANGLADESH Declaration 05-Oct-1998
BELARUS Withdrawal Res. 03-Oct-2001
BELGIUM Signature 04-Feb-1985
BELGIUM Ratification 25-Jun-1999 25-Jul-1999
BELGIUM Declaration 25-Jun-1999
BELGIUM Objection 28-Jun-2011 28-Jun-2011
BELGIUM Objection 23-Jul-2013
BELIZE Accession 17-Mar-1986 26-Jun-1987
BENIN Acceptance 12-Mar-1992 11-Apr-1992
Berlin West Extension 01-Oct-1990
Bermuda Extension 08-Dec-1992 08-Dec-1992
BOLIVIA Signature 04-Feb-1985
BOLIVIA Ratification 12-Apr-1999 12-May-1999
BOLIVIA Declaration 14-Feb-2006
BOLIVIA Declaration 14-Feb-2006
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Succession 01-Sep-1993 06-Mar-1992
BOTSWANA Signature 08-Sep-2000
BOTSWANA Reservation 08-Sep-2000
BOTSWANA Ratification 08-Sep-2000 08-Oct-2000
BRAZIL Signature 23-Sep-1985
BRAZIL Ratification 28-Sep-1989 28-Oct-1989
BRAZIL Declaration 26-Jun-2006
British Virgin Islands Extension 08-Dec-1988
BULGARIA Signature 10-Jun-1986
BULGARIA Reservation 10-Jun-1986
BULGARIA Ratification 16-Dec-1986 26-Jun-1987
BULGARIA Reservation 16-Dec-1986
BULGARIA Objection 24-Jan-1990
BULGARIA Withdrawal Res. 24-Jun-1992
BULGARIA Declaration 12-May-1993
BULGARIA Withdrawal Res. 25-Jun-1999
BURKINA FASO Accession 04-Jan-1999 04-Apr-1999
BURUNDI Accession 18-Mar-1993 20-Mar-1992
BURUNDI Declaration 10-Jun-2003
BYELORUSSIA S S R Signature 19-Dec-1985
BYELORUSSIA S S R Reservation 19-Dec-1985
BYELORUSSIA S S R Ratification 13-Mar-1987 26-Jun-1987
BYELORUSSIA S S R Reservation 13-Mar-1987
BYELORUSSIA S S R Withdrawal Res. 19-Apr-1989
CAMBODIA Accession 15-Oct-1992 14-Nov-1992
CAMEROON Accession 19-Dec-1986 26-Jun-1987
CAMEROON Declaration 12-Oct-2000
CANADA Signature 23-Aug-1985
CANADA Ratification 24-Jun-1987 24-Jul-1987
CANADA Objection 05-Oct-1988
CANADA Objection 23-Oct-1989
CANADA Declaration 13-Nov-1989
CANADA Objection 27-Jun-2011 27-Jun-2011
CANADA Communication 14-May-2014
CAPE VERDE Accession 04-Jun-1992 04-Jul-1992
Cayman Islands Extension 08-Dec-1988
CHAD Accession 09-Jun-1995 09-Jul-1995
CHILE Signature 23-Sep-1987
CHILE Reservation 23-Sep-1987
CHILE Ratification 30-Sep-1988 30-Oct-1988
CHILE Reservation 30-Sep-1988
CHILE Withdrawal Res. 07-Sep-1990
CHILE Withdrawal Dec. 07-Sep-1990
CHILE Withdrawal Res. 03-Sep-1999
CHILE Declaration 15-Mar-2004 01-Jan-1900
CHILE Declaration 15-Mar-2004 01-Jan-1900
CHILE Notification 15-Mar-2004 01-Jan-1900
CHILE Declaration 15-Mar-2004 01-Jan-1900
CHINA P R Signature 12-Dec-1986
CHINA P R Reservation 12-Dec-1986
CHINA P R Reservation 03-Oct-1988
CHINA P R Ratification 04-Oct-1988 03-Nov-1988
CHINA P R Communication 19-Oct-1999
CHINA P R Declaration 19-Oct-1999
COLOMBIA Signature 10-Apr-1985
COLOMBIA Ratification 08-Dec-1987 07-Jan-1988
COMOROS Signature 22-Sep-2000
CONGO Accession 30-Jul-2003 29-Aug-2003
COSTA RICA Signature 04-Feb-1985
COSTA RICA Ratification 11-Nov-1993 11-Dec-1993
COSTA RICA Declaration 27-Feb-2002
CROATIA Succession 12-Oct-1992 08-Oct-1991
CROATIA Declaration 12-Oct-1992
CUBA Signature 27-Jan-1986
CUBA Ratification 17-May-1995 16-Jun-1995
CUBA Declaration 17-May-1995
CYPRUS Signature 09-Oct-1985
CYPRUS Ratification 18-Jul-1991 17-Aug-1991
CYPRUS Declaration 08-Apr-1993
CZECH REPUBLIC Succession 22-Feb-1993 01-Jan-1993
CZECH REPUBLIC Declaration 22-Feb-1993
CZECH REPUBLIC Withdrawal Res. 03-Sep-1996
CZECH REPUBLIC Declaration 03-Sep-1996
CZECH REPUBLIC Objection 20-Jun-2011 20-Jun-2011
CZECH REPUBLIC Objection 15-Jul-2013
CZECH REPUBLIC Objection 25-Sep-2013
CZECHOSLOVAKIA Signature 08-Sep-1986
CZECHOSLOVAKIA Reservation 08-Sep-1986
CZECHOSLOVAKIA Ratification 07-Jul-1988 06-Aug-1988
CZECHOSLOVAKIA Reservation 07-Jul-1988
CZECHOSLOVAKIA Objection 20-Sep-1989
CZECHOSLOVAKIA Withdrawal Res. 26-Apr-1991
DENMARK Signature 04-Feb-1985
DENMARK Ratification 27-May-1987 26-Jun-1987
DENMARK Declaration 27-May-1987
DENMARK Objection 29-Sep-1988
DENMARK Objection 07-Sep-1989
DENMARK Communication 21-Feb-2001
DENMARK Objection 04-Oct-2001
DENMARK Objection 28-Jun-2011
DJIBOUTI Accession 05-Nov-2002 05-Dec-2002
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Signature 04-Feb-1985
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Ratification 24-Jan-2012 23-Feb-2012
ECUADOR Signature 04-Feb-1985
ECUADOR Ratification 30-Mar-1988 29-Apr-1988
ECUADOR Reservation 30-Mar-1988
EGYPT Accession 25-Jun-1986 26-Jun-1987
EL SALVADOR Accession 17-Jun-1996 17-Jul-1996
EQUATORIAL GUINEA Accession 08-Oct-2002 07-Nov-2002
EQUATORIAL GUINEA Declaration 08-Oct-2002
EQUATORIAL GUINEA Reservation 08-Oct-2002
ERITREA Accession 25-Sep-2014 25-Oct-2014
ESTONIA Accession 21-Oct-1991 20-Nov-1991
ETHIOPIA Accession 14-Mar-1994 13-Apr-1994
Falkland Islands Extension 08-Dec-1988
FINLAND Signature 04-Feb-1985
FINLAND Ratification 30-Aug-1989 29-Sep-1989
FINLAND Declaration 30-Aug-1989
FINLAND Objection 20-Oct-1989
FINLAND Objection 27-Feb-1996
FINLAND Objection 13-Dec-1999
FINLAND Objection 16-Jan-2001
FINLAND Objection 28-Jun-2011 28-Jun-2011
FINLAND Objection 22-Jul-2013
FINLAND Objection 20-Sep-2013
FRANCE Signature 04-Feb-1985
FRANCE Ratification 18-Feb-1986 26-Jun-1987
FRANCE Declaration 18-Feb-1986
FRANCE Reservation 18-Feb-1986
FRANCE Objection 23-Jun-1988
FRANCE Objection 20-Sep-1989
FRANCE Objection 30-Sep-1999
FRANCE Objection 24-Jan-2001
FRANCE Objection 27-Jun-2011
GABON Signature 21-Jan-1986
GABON Ratification 08-Sep-2000 08-Oct-2000
GAMBIA THE Signature 23-Oct-1985
GEORGIA Accession 26-Oct-1994 25-Nov-1994
GEORGIA Declaration 30-Jun-2005
GERMAN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC Ratification 09-Sep-1987 09-Oct-1987
GERMAN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC Withdrawal Res. 13-Sep-1990
GERMANY FEDERAL REPUBLIC Declaration 13-Oct-1986
GERMANY FEDERAL REPUBLIC Ratification 01-Oct-1990 31-Oct-1990
GERMANY FEDERAL REPUBLIC Declaration 01-Oct-1990
GERMANY FEDERAL REPUBLIC Communication 26-Feb-1996
GERMANY FEDERAL REPUBLIC Communication 17-Dec-1999
GERMANY FEDERAL REPUBLIC Declaration 19-Oct-2001
GERMANY FEDERAL REPUBLIC Objection 28-Jun-2011 28-Jun-2011
GHANA Signature 07-Sep-2000
GHANA Ratification 07-Sep-2000 07-Oct-2000
GHANA Declaration 07-Sep-2000
Gibraltar Extension 08-Dec-1988
GREECE Signature 04-Feb-1985
GREECE Ratification 06-Oct-1988 05-Nov-1988
GREECE Declaration 06-Oct-1988
GREECE Objection 06-Oct-1988
GREECE Objection 13-Oct-1989
GREECE Objection 22-Jun-2011
GREECE Objection 23-Sep-2013
GUATEMALA Accession 05-Jan-1990 04-Feb-1990
GUATEMALA Reservation 05-Jan-1990
GUATEMALA Withdrawal Res. 09-Mar-1990
GUATEMALA Declaration 25-Sep-2003 01-Jan-1900
Guernsey, Bailiwick of Extension 08-Dec-1992 08-Dec-1992
GUINEA Signature 30-May-1986
GUINEA Ratification 10-Oct-1989 09-Nov-1989
GUINEA BISSAU Signature 12-Sep-2000
GUINEA BISSAU Ratification 24-Sep-2013 24-Oct-2013
GUYANA Signature 25-Jan-1988
GUYANA Ratification 18-Jun-1988 19-May-1988
HAITI Signature 16-Aug-2013
HOLY SEE Accession 26-Jun-2002
HONDURAS Accession 05-Dec-1996 04-Jan-1997
Hong Kong Extension 08-Dec-1992 08-Dec-1992
Hong Kong Notification 10-Jun-1997 01-Jul-1997
HONG KONG SAR Application 10-Jun-1997 01-Jul-1997
HONG KONG SAR Declaration 10-Jun-1997
HUNGARY Signature 28-Nov-1986
HUNGARY Reservation 28-Nov-1986
HUNGARY Ratification 15-Apr-1987 26-Jun-1987
HUNGARY Reservation 15-Apr-1987
HUNGARY Withdrawal Res. 13-Sep-1989
HUNGARY Declaration 13-Sep-1989
HUNGARY Objection 28-Jun-2011
ICELAND Signature 04-Feb-1985
ICELAND Ratification 23-Oct-1996 22-Nov-1996
ICELAND Declaration 23-Oct-1996
INDIA Signature 14-Oct-1997
INDONESIA Signature 23-Oct-1985
INDONESIA Ratification 28-Oct-1998 27-Nov-1998
INDONESIA Declaration 28-Oct-1998
INDONESIA Reservation 28-Oct-1998
IRAQ Accession 07-Jul-2011 06-Aug-2011
IRELAND, REPUBLIC OF Signature 28-Sep-1992
IRELAND, REPUBLIC OF Ratification 11-Apr-2002 11-May-2002
IRELAND, REPUBLIC OF Declaration 11-Apr-2002
IRELAND, REPUBLIC OF Objection 23-Jun-2011
IRELAND, REPUBLIC OF Objection 18-Jul-2013
IRELAND, REPUBLIC OF Objection 18-Sep-2013
Isle Of Man Extension 08-Dec-1992 08-Dec-1992
ISRAEL Signature 22-Oct-1986
ISRAEL Ratification 03-Oct-1991 02-Nov-1991
ISRAEL Reservation 03-Oct-1991
ITALY Signature 04-Feb-1985
ITALY Ratification 12-Jan-1989 11-Feb-1989
ITALY Objection 12-Jan-1989
ITALY Declaration 10-Oct-1989
ITALY Objection 14-Dec-1989
ITALY Communication 05-Feb-2001
ITALY Objection 28-Jun-2011
ITALY Objection 23-Sep-2013
IVORY COAST Accession 18-Dec-1995 17-Jan-1996
JAPAN Accession 29-Jun-1999 29-Jul-1999
JAPAN Declaration 29-Jun-1999
Jersey, Bailiwick of Extension 08-Dec-1992 08-Dec-1992
JORDAN Accession 13-Nov-1991 13-Dec-1991
KAZAKHSTAN Accession 26-Aug-1998 25-Sep-1998
KAZAKHSTAN Declaration 21-Feb-2008
KAZAKHSTAN Declaration 22-Feb-2008
KENYA Accession 21-Feb-1997 23-Mar-1997
KOREA REPUBLIC OF Accession 09-Jan-1995 08-Feb-1995
KOREA REPUBLIC OF Declaration 09-Nov-2007 09-Nov-2007
KOREA REPUBLIC OF Declaration 09-Nov-2007 09-Nov-2007
KUWAIT Accession 08-Mar-1996 07-Apr-1996
KUWAIT Reservation 08-Mar-1996
KYRGYZSTAN Accession 05-Sep-1997 05-Oct-1997
LAO PEOPLES DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC Ratification 26-Sep-2012 26-Oct-2012
LAO PEOPLES DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC Reservation 26-Sep-2012 26-Oct-2012
LAO PEOPLES DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC Declaration 26-Sep-2012 26-Oct-2012
LATVIA Accession 14-Apr-1992 14-May-1992
LATVIA Objection 29-Jun-2011 29-Jun-2011
LATVIA Objection 26-Sep-2013
LEBANON Accession 05-Oct-2000 04-Nov-2000
LESOTHO Accession 12-Nov-2001 12-Dec-2001
LIBERIA Accession 22-Sep-2004 22-Oct-2002
LIBYA Accession 16-May-1989 15-Jun-1989
LIECHTENSTEIN Signature 27-Jun-1985
LIECHTENSTEIN Ratification 02-Nov-1990 02-Dec-1990
LITHUANIA Accession 01-Feb-1996 02-Mar-1996
LUXEMBOURG Signature 22-Feb-1985
LUXEMBOURG Ratification 29-Sep-1987 29-Oct-1987
LUXEMBOURG Declaration 29-Sep-1987
LUXEMBOURG Objection 04-Sep-1988
LUXEMBOURG Objection 12-Sep-1989
LUXEMBOURG Objection 06-Apr-2000
Macao Extension 15-Jun-1999 15-Jun-1999
Macao Communication 21-Oct-1999
MACEDONIA THE FYR OF Succession 12-Dec-1994 17-Sep-1991
MADAGASCAR Signature 01-Oct-2001
MADAGASCAR Ratification 13-Dec-2005 12-Jan-2006
MALAWI Accession 11-Jun-1996 11-Jul-1996
MALDIVES Accession 20-Apr-2004 20-May-2004
MALI Accession 26-Feb-1999 28-Mar-1999
MALTA Accession 13-Sep-1990 13-Oct-1990
MALTA Declaration 13-Sep-1990
MAURITANIA Accession 17-Nov-2004 17-Dec-2004
MAURITANIA Reservation 17-Nov-2004 01-Jan-1900
MAURITIUS Accession 09-Dec-1992 08-Jan-1993
MEXICO Signature 18-Mar-1985
MEXICO Ratification 23-Jan-1986 26-Jun-1987
MEXICO Declaration 15-Mar-2002
MOLDOVA REPUBLIC OF Accession 28-Nov-1995 28-Dec-1995
MOLDOVA REPUBLIC OF Declaration 02-Sep-2011 02-Sep-2011
MOLDOVA REPUBLIC OF Declaration 02-Sep-2011 02-Sep-2011
MONACO Accession 06-Dec-1991 05-Jan-1992
MONACO Declaration 06-Dec-1991
MONACO Reservation 06-Dec-1991
MONGOLIA Ratification 02-Nov-2000
MONGOLIA Accession 24-Jan-2002 23-Feb-2002
MONTENEGRO Succession 23-Oct-2006 03-Jun-2006
MONTENEGRO Confirmation 23-Oct-2006
Montserrat Extension 08-Dec-1988
MOROCCO Signature 08-Jan-1986
MOROCCO Reservation 08-Jan-1986
MOROCCO Ratification 21-Jun-1993 21-Jul-1993
MOROCCO Declaration 21-Jun-1993
MOZAMBIQUE Accession 14-Sep-1999 14-Oct-1999
NAMIBIA Accession 28-Nov-1994 28-Dec-1994
NAURU Signature 12-Nov-2001
NAURU Ratification 26-Sep-2012 26-Oct-2012
NEPAL Accession 14-May-1991 13-Jun-1991
Netherlands Antilles Extension 21-Dec-1988
NETHERLANDS THE Signature 04-Feb-1985
NETHERLANDS THE Ratification 21-Dec-1988 20-Jan-1989
NETHERLANDS THE Declaration 21-Dec-1988
NETHERLANDS THE Objection 02-Feb-1989
NETHERLANDS THE Objection 07-Nov-1989
NETHERLANDS THE Objection 26-Feb-1996
NETHERLANDS THE Communication 20-Dec-1999
NETHERLANDS THE Objection 19-Jan-2001
NETHERLANDS THE Communication 30-Jun-2011
NETHERLANDS THE Objection 16-Jul-2013
NETHERLANDS THE Objection 19-Sep-2013
NEW ZEALAND Signature 14-Jan-1986
NEW ZEALAND Ratification 10-Dec-1989 09-Jan-1990
NEW ZEALAND Reservation 10-Dec-1989
NEW ZEALAND Declaration 10-Dec-1989
NEW ZEALAND Objection 10-Dec-1989
NICARAGUA Signature 15-Apr-1985
NICARAGUA Ratification 05-Jul-2005 04-Aug-2005
NIGER Accession 05-Oct-1998 04-Nov-1998
NIGERIA Signature 28-Jul-1988
NIGERIA Ratification 28-Jun-2001 28-Jul-2001
NORWAY Signature 04-Feb-1985
NORWAY Ratification 09-Jul-1986 26-Jun-1987
NORWAY Declaration 09-Jul-1986
NORWAY Objection 28-Sep-1988
NORWAY Objection 29-Sep-1989
NORWAY Objection 18-Jan-2001
NORWAY Objection 04-Oct-2001
NORWAY Objection 29-Jun-2011
NORWAY Objection 24-Jul-2013
NORWAY Objection 07-Oct-2013
PAKISTAN Signature 17-Apr-2008
PAKISTAN Reservation 17-Apr-2008
PAKISTAN Ratification 23-Jun-2010
PAKISTAN Withdrawal Res. 20-Sep-2011 20-Sep-2011
PALAU Signature 20-Sep-2011 20-Sep-2011
PALESTINE (INCL. PLO) Accession 02-Apr-2014 02-May-2014
PALESTINE (INCL. PLO) Communication 06-Jun-2014
PALESTINE (INCL. PLO) Communication 06-Jun-2014
PALESTINE (INCL. PLO) Communication 06-Jun-2014
PANAMA Signature 22-Feb-1985
PANAMA Ratification 24-Aug-1987 23-Sep-1987
PANAMA Reservation 24-Aug-1987
PARAGUAY Signature 23-Oct-1989
PARAGUAY Ratification 12-Mar-1990 11-Apr-1990
PARAGUAY Declaration 29-May-2002
PERU Signature 29-May-1985
PERU Ratification 07-Jul-1988 06-Aug-1988
PERU Declaration 17-Oct-2002
PHILIPPINES Accession 18-Jun-1986 26-Jun-1987
Pitcairn Islands Extension 08-Dec-1988
POLAND Signature 13-Jan-1986
POLAND Reservation 13-Jan-1986
POLAND Ratification 26-Jul-1989 25-Aug-1989
POLAND Declaration 12-May-1993
POLAND Objection 03-Jun-2011 03-Jun-2011
PORTUGAL Signature 04-Feb-1985
PORTUGAL Ratification 09-Feb-1989 11-Mar-1989
PORTUGAL Declaration 09-Feb-1989
PORTUGAL Objection 09-Feb-1989
PORTUGAL Objection 06-Oct-1989
PORTUGAL Communication 20-Jul-2001
PORTUGAL Objection 28-Jun-2011 28-Jun-2011
PORTUGAL Objection 13-Sep-2013
QATAR Accession 11-Jan-2000 02-Feb-2000
QATAR Reservation 11-Jan-2000
QATAR Withdrawal 14-Mar-2013
ROMANIA Accession 18-Dec-1990 17-Jan-1991
ROMANIA Objection 02-Jul-2013
RWANDA Accession 15-Dec-2008 14-Jan-2009
SAN MARINO Signature 18-Sep-2002
SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE Signature 06-Sep-2000
SAUDI ARABIA Accession 23-Sep-1997 23-Oct-1997
SAUDI ARABIA Reservation 23-Sep-1997
SENEGAL Signature 04-Feb-1985
SENEGAL Ratification 21-Aug-1986 26-Jun-1987
SENEGAL Declaration 16-Oct-1996
SEYCHELLES Accession 05-May-1992 04-Jun-1992
SEYCHELLES Declaration 06-Aug-2001
SIERRA LEONE Signature 18-Mar-1985
SIERRA LEONE Ratification 25-Apr-2001 25-May-2001
SLOVAK REPUBLIC Succession 28-May-1993 01-Jan-1993
SLOVAK REPUBLIC Reservation 28-May-1993
SLOVAK REPUBLIC Withdrawal Res. 17-Mar-1995
SLOVAK REPUBLIC Declaration 17-Mar-1995
SLOVAK REPUBLIC Extension 23-Jun-2011
SLOVAK REPUBLIC Objection 23-Jun-2011 23-Jun-2011
SLOVENIA Accession 16-Jul-1993 15-Aug-1993
SLOVENIA Declaration 16-Jul-1993
SOMALIA Accession 24-Jan-1990 23-Feb-1990
SOUTH AFRICA Signature 29-Jan-1993
SOUTH AFRICA Ratification 10-Dec-1998 09-Jan-1999
SOUTH AFRICA Declaration 10-Dec-1998
SOVIET UNION Signature 10-Dec-1985
SOVIET UNION Reservation 10-Dec-1985
SOVIET UNION Ratification 03-Mar-1987 26-Jun-1987
SOVIET UNION Reservation 03-Mar-1987
SOVIET UNION Withdrawal Res. 01-Oct-1991
SOVIET UNION Declaration 01-Oct-1991
SPAIN Signature 04-Feb-1985
SPAIN Ratification 21-Oct-1987 20-Nov-1987
SPAIN Declaration 21-Oct-1987
SPAIN Objection 06-Oct-1988
SPAIN Objection 26-Sep-1989
SPAIN Objection 13-Dec-1999
SPAIN Objection 14-Mar-2000
SPAIN Objection 28-Jun-2011 28-Jun-2011
SRI LANKA Accession 03-Jan-1994 02-Feb-1994
St Helena And Dependencies Extension 08-Dec-1988
ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES Accession 01-Aug-2001 31-Aug-2001
SUDAN Signature 04-Jun-1986
SWAZILAND Accession 26-Mar-2004 25-Apr-2004
SWEDEN Signature 04-Feb-1985
SWEDEN Ratification 08-Jan-1986 26-Jun-1987
SWEDEN Declaration 08-Jan-1986
SWEDEN Objection 28-Sep-1988
SWEDEN Objection 25-Sep-1989
SWEDEN Objection 27-Feb-1996
SWEDEN Objection 14-Dec-1999
SWEDEN Objection 27-Apr-2000
SWEDEN Objection 02-Oct-2001
SWEDEN Objection 29-Sep-2008 29-Sep-2008
SWEDEN Objection 22-Jun-2011 22-Jun-2011
SWEDEN Objection 07-Mar-2013
SWEDEN Objection 23-Sep-2013
SWITZERLAND Signature 04-Feb-1985
SWITZERLAND Ratification 02-Dec-1986 26-Jun-1987
SWITZERLAND Declaration 02-Dec-1986
SWITZERLAND Objection 07-Oct-1988
SWITZERLAND Objection 08-Nov-1989
SWITZERLAND Objection 28-Jun-2011 28-Jun-2011
SWITZERLAND Objection 01-Jul-2013
SYRIA Accession 19-Aug-2004 18-Sep-2004
SYRIA Declaration 19-Aug-2004 18-Sep-2004
TAJIKISTAN Accession 11-Jan-1995 10-Feb-1995
THAILAND Accession 02-Oct-2007 01-Nov-2007
THAILAND Reservation 02-Oct-2007 01-Nov-2007
THAILAND Declaration 02-Oct-2007 01-Nov-2007
TIMOR-LESTE Accession 16-Apr-2003 16-May-2003
TOGO Signature 25-Mar-1987
TOGO Declaration 25-Mar-1987
TOGO Ratification 18-Nov-1987 18-Dec-1987
TOGO Declaration 18-Nov-1987
TUNISIA Signature 26-Aug-1987
TUNISIA Declaration 26-Aug-1987
TUNISIA Ratification 23-Sep-1988
TURKEY Signature 25-Jan-1988
TURKEY Ratification 02-Aug-1988 01-Sep-1988
TURKEY Reservation 02-Aug-1988
TURKEY Declaration 02-Aug-1988
TURKEY Objection 03-Nov-1989
TURKMENISTAN Accession 25-Jun-1999 25-Jul-1999
Turks And Caicos Islands Extension 08-Dec-1988
UGANDA Accession 03-Nov-1986 26-Jun-1987
UGANDA Declaration 19-Dec-2001
UKRAINE S S R Signature 27-Feb-1986
UKRAINE S S R Reservation 27-Feb-1986
UKRAINE S S R Ratification 24-Feb-1987 26-Jun-1987
UKRAINE S S R Reservation 24-Feb-1987
UKRAINE S S R Withdrawal Res. 20-Apr-1989
UKRAINE S S R Declaration 12-Sep-2003 01-Jan-1900
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Reservation 19-Jul-2012
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Declaration 19-Jul-2012
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Accession 19-Jul-2012 18-Aug-2012
UNITED KINGDOM Declaration 15-Mar-1985
UNITED KINGDOM Signature 15-Mar-1985
UNITED KINGDOM Ratification 08-Dec-1988 07-Jan-1989
UNITED KINGDOM Declaration 08-Dec-1988
UNITED KINGDOM Objection 08-Nov-1989
UNITED KINGDOM Objection 09-Nov-2001
UNITED KINGDOM Objection 28-Jun-2011 28-Jun-2011
UNITED KINGDOM Objection 23-Sep-2013 23-Sep-2013
UNITED KINGDOM Objection 15-Mar-2017
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Signature 18-Apr-1988
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Reservation 18-Apr-1988
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Communication 03-Jun-1994
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Ratification 21-Oct-1994 20-Nov-1994
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Reservation 21-Oct-1994
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Understanding 21-Oct-1994
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Declaration 21-Oct-1994
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Objection 29-Jun-2011 29-Jun-2011
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Communication 13-May-2014
URUGUAY Signature 04-Feb-1985
URUGUAY Ratification 24-Oct-1986 26-Jun-1987
URUGUAY Declaration 27-Jul-1988
UZBEKISTAN Accession 28-Sep-1995 28-Oct-1995
VANUATU Accession 12-Jul-2011 11-Aug-2011
VENEZUELA Signature 15-Feb-1985
VENEZUELA Ratification 29-Jul-1991 28-Aug-1991
VENEZUELA Declaration 26-Apr-1994
VIETNAM Signature 07-Nov-2013
YEMEN Accession 05-Nov-1991 05-Dec-1991
YUGOSLAVIA Signature 18-Apr-1989
YUGOSLAVIA Ratification 10-Sep-1991 10-Oct-1991
YUGOSLAVIA Declaration 10-Sep-1991
YUGOSLAVIA, FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF Succession 12-Mar-2001 27-Apr-1992
ZAIRE Accession 18-Mar-1996 17-Apr-1996
ZAMBIA Accession 07-Oct-1998 06-Nov-1998
ZAMBIA Reservation 07-Oct-1998
ZAMBIA Withdrawal Res. 19-Feb-1999

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